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Nothing worse than putting your drink down only to realize from across the room someone else is drinking it. Sometimes a single initial is not enough so now you can add a name or monogram!

Choices can be overwhelming so this section will show the choices that are already made or you can design your own koolie.

Makes a great impression when personalized for a special person. Perfect for someone who always has an iced coffee with them.

All koolies have a bottom and fold flat when not in use. Fits perfectly in a purse or bag for easy transport.


You can design your own or you can choose from the ready made koolie section

We also have koolies in the following sizes: 

Large Iced Coffee Koolies

Medium Iced Coffee Koolies

Water Bottle Koolies

Wine Bottle Koolies

Zipper Bottle Koolies


We also have the option to see ALL ready to ship koolies sorted by Initial
Koolies By Initial


If you are looking for something specific and do not see it CONTACT US and we will see what we can do to help. 





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