Fun Gift Tags

Shaking me will reveal nothing gift tag

Coal Plaid Gift Tag
Just what you've always wanted Gift Tag
I was Desperate Gift Tag
No Peeking gift Tag
Impossible to Buy For Christmas Gift Tag
I Couldn't think of what to buy Christmas Gift Tag
Good Thing We arn't Keeping Tabs Christmas Gift Tag
Exactly what you wanted Christmas Gift Tag
It Was Either This or Socks Christmas Gift Tag
Better Luck Next Year Christmas Gift Tag
Hope you don't have one Christmas Gift Tag
Sold Out Gift Tag
Less is More Gift Tag
You'll Never Guess Gift Tag
Your kids will probably break this Gift Tag
I hate Presents Said no one ever Gift Tag
This Present Doesn't Suck Gift Tag
It's The Thought That Counts Gift Tag
Shut up and open your gift already Gift Tag
I'm watching your reaction. No pressure. Gift Tag
I Got this for You Gift Tag

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