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Choose a custom design or one of our most popular designs.

We can take your logo or idea and convert it into a beautiful personalized gift for yourself or someone you know. You will receive a classic gift adorned with beautiful stitching that will impress your friends as well as strangers on the street. We are here to make you look good and stand behind each and every item produced by us. Try us and let us give you a one of a kind item that will last for years.

Customization can include type along with logos as long as we receive a good quality image to reproduce. We will always send a proof for approval before any work is started to insure you will be happy with the end product. Keep in mind that we only have a maximum of 2.1" tall and around 4.5" wide that we can work with for embroidery. Small type below 1/4" tall may not be readable and any small lines will be lost due to the nature of sewing.