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The Elf friends are gone for a while but there is no harm in being prepared so you can have as much fun as possible when they do return. They will be back before we know it.  

What elf doesn't deserve a new sweater this season?
Dress your elf with this adorable sweater!

It is made with fleece & fits the standard 12" elf

 Elf sweaters, elf costumes elf props & elf pet vests. There are many different options for you to choose. I can make the sweaters with different color fleece. If you don’t see what you like send me a message and I may be able to find what you want.

The I ❤️ city/state please specify what city or state you would like. You can even add a name if you would like. I am not responsible if you spell the name wrong. 


Elf & Friends Outfits & Accessories

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